Here are some of the responses we’ve received from our clients (from our work with couples in PAIRS seminars); they speak for themselves:

There is also no question that our marriage will be immeasurably enriched because of both of you.

This is the best thing I’ve done for my marriage.

The PAIRS course was responsible for saving our marriage and giving us the tools to keep it safe.

I think both [Nora and Mark] did a superb job. The knowledge and personal insight was wonderful… I can’t imagine taking the course with any other leaders.

The course material is superb, well organized and the tools offered can overcome any obstacles where underlying love exists. Both Nora and Mark were wonderful in every respect.

This course was invaluable to my marriage; I have learned so much about me that it allowed me to move my marriage to a higher place.

I am so much more positive and willing to change myself and my own behaviors instead of changing my spouse!

6/30/14 Love Mark

We’ve been seeing Mark for a couple of years and he has helped us improve our relationship in many ways! He is easy to talk to, his offices are comfortable, he is easy to get in touch with and willing to be flexible with scheduling. We love Mark! – Jessica J.

6/30/14 Outstanding Therapist!

I have been fortunate enough to have worked with Mark for the past year. He is an extremely talented and versatile therapist that caters to your “style” of healing. His knowledge of alternative therapies, along with his genius supportive nature and down to earth personality make him an excellent counselor. Since working with Mark, I can honestly say that I have made significant changes that have enabled me to be a happier, more content person. In addition, Mark is great at working with couples. He has a way of making each party feel validated and comfortable. I highly recommend Mark to anyone seeking an “Inner Transformation” or even just a personal tune up.- Danielle Truini

7/1/14 Highly recommended!

Nora’s expertise and guidance has been a positive life changing experience. – Mary Jane Torres

7/14/14 Saved my life!

Nora Gluck helped me through the death of my mother and my recurrent depressions. She has always provided a safe place for me to be, challenged the beliefs that I was holding on to well beyond their sell by date, encouraged me to try new things & applauded my progress. I see myself with new eyes now, and I know if things get blurry again, she will be there to help me clean my glasses. Nora uses a variety of approaches in her consulting. What works with one client–or what works with you one week–may not be the right thing for the next. So it is exciting to discover how we will proceed from appointment to appointment. She really did save my life. And picked me up more times that I wish to recall. I consider myself lucky indeed to have found her. – Mollie Keller





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