We believe that inner transformations are not only possible but likely to happen once core issues are understood and released and new ways of being are experienced and integrated.

We offer many approaches that include traditional psychotherapy and nontraditional mind/body techniques such as yoga, meditation, and cutting-edge techniques from energy psychology that deal with emotional trauma from the past as well as depression, anxiety, phobias, obsessive thinking, addictive behaviors and stress-related physical symptoms. These include EFT (more commonly known as tapping), EFTA, TFT, TAT and EMDR.

Our work with couples and relationships is the centerpiece of our practice and we believe that conscious relationships based on open communication are possible. Our work includes family systems, family of origin, and tools and techniques from PAIRS (Practical Applications of Intimate Relationship Skills) and Imago relationship therapy (the work of Harville Hendrix).

We are continuously evolving as we explore new ways of helping people to change. We know, as research continues to demonstrate that the relationship between therapist and client is the key to successful treatment. This means that the relationship must be one of trust, understanding, mutuality and collaboration.

We treat individuals, couples, families and groups and teach yoga and meditation.  Our office is in Santa Fe, NM and offer telephone and Skype sessions.  Contact us for more information.