Mark Curri of Inner Transformations
Mark Curri of Inner Transformations

Mark has been interested in spirituality and religion since he was a child. Some of the clients that he meets with like approaching their challenges through the doorway of spirituality. In understanding spirituality, Mark uses everything that he has ever learned regarding spirit, including transcendental meditation, Buddhism, the law of attraction, and integral approaches. His understanding and practice of spirituality continues to evolve; it is a work in progress. Nevertheless, these pathways, which are not mutually exclusive, actually inform and enhance each other.

In expanding his efforts to help people with their spiritual development, Mark has taught several courses. Mark includes three brief course descriptions to illustrate how he integrates this material in a way that makes it accessible to others.

Mark’s passion for integrating and synthesizing spiritual and psychological knowledge leads him to continuously search both within and without for new answers to human development and higher consciousness.

The course descriptions that follow are indicative of the work that Mark does. Again, this work is ever evolving and expanding.

Approaches to Meditation begins with an overview of mediation practices and progresses to specific instruction in mindfulness meditation. Benefits of mediation will be explored and participants will receive feedback and guidance on their practice. Course participants should purchase: Beginning Mindfulness by Andrew Weiss. and read the introduction, how to use this book, and the first chapter prior to the first class. The course will run for 6 weeks and will involve, lecture, discussion, and exercises. Group meditation will be part of each class. The class is taught in an atmosphere of loving-kindness and mutual respect and typically results in a wonderful closeness among participants. Come and discover why meditation has become so popular.

Meditation and the Secret: This class offers a way to integrate and work with traditional meditation and the law of attraction as presented in the movie “The Secret”. In today’s complex and fast paced world we need approaches to mental well being for the individual and for the whole society. Two powerful tools are available. Both are timeless, both are effective. The course is designed to shed light on how to use and understand these two approaches. The class will include lecture, discussion, meditation, and exercises. Several film clips will also be shown. For people who have taken my other courses this will be a continuation of the work. The course will also be appropriate for newcomers. Course text: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

A Brief History of Everything: Who are we, where are we now and where are we going? This course explores our history on planet earth from the perspective of philosophy, science and spirituality. The contributions of the world’s greatest thinkers will be reviewed. The course will look through the lens of both subjectivity and objectivity in an effort to more fully understand the human predicament. It will expand our understanding of personal and collective human suffering and some possibilities for achieving greater hope, happiness and fulfillment. Come with an open and curious mind and expect to be challenged, stimulated and stretched. Course text: A Brief History of Everything by Ken Wilber.